6600mAh PA3817U-1BRS PA3816U-1BAS New Battery for Toshiba Satellite A660 C640 C650 C655 C660 L510 L630 L640 L650 U400 L750 L755

USD 25.37USD 27.88

6600mAh PA3817U-1BRS PA3816U-1BAS New Battery for Toshiba Satellite A660 C640 C650 C655 C660 L510 L630 L640 L650 U400 L750 L755



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This Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers

For Toshiba






This Laptop Battery is also compatible with the following models

For Toshiba

Satellite L750

Satellite L750/0L7

Satellite L750-1DJ

Satellite L750D-ST5NX1

Satellite L750 Series

Satellite L750/0L8

Satellite L750-1DK

Satellite L750D/009

Satellite L750-065

Satellite L750/0L9

Satellite L750-1DL

Satellite L750D/00K

Satellite L750-070

Satellite L750/0LM

Satellite L750-1DM

Satellite L750D/00U

Satellite L750-0KP

Satellite L750/0LN

Satellite L750-1DQ

Satellite L750D/011

Satellite L750-0P8

Satellite L750/0QM

Satellite L750-1DR

Satellite L750D/017

Satellite L750-136

Satellite L750D-038

Satellite L750-1DU

Satellite L750D/030

Satellite L750-16J

Satellite L750D-14E

Satellite L750-1DV

Satellite L750D/031

Satellite L750-16L

Satellite L750D-14F

Satellite L750-1DW

Satellite L750D/034

Satellite L750-16V

Satellite L750D-14G

Satellite L750-1DX

Satellite L750D/038

Satellite L750-16X

Satellite L750D-14H

Satellite L750-1E5

Satellite L750-ST4N02

Satellite L750-16Z

Satellite L750D-14L

Satellite L750-1E8

Satellite L750-ST4NX1

Satellite L750-170

Satellite L750D-14M

Satellite L750-1E9

Satellite L750-ST4NX2

Satellite L750-171

Satellite L750D-14Q

Satellite L750-1EK

Satellite L750/03C(PSK1WA-03C00R)

Satellite L750-17D

Satellite L750D-14R

Satellite L750-BT4N22

Satellite L750/03C(PSK1WA-03C044)

Satellite L750-17P

Satellite L750D-14U

Satellite L750-ST4N01

Satellite L750/03D

Satellite L750-18R

Satellite L750D-BT5N11

Satellite L750/06P

Satellite L750/04K

Satellite L750-1DH

Satellite L750D-ST4N01

Satellite L750/09J

Satellite L750/04P

Satellite L750/0DN

Satellite L750/09K

Satellite L750/052


Brand Name : Golooloo

Certification : CE

Certification : FCC

Certification : RoHS

Origin : CN(Origin)

Type : Li-Ion

Model Number : PA3816U-1BAS L735 L740 L745 L750 L755

Battery Cells : 6 Cells

Compatible Brand : Toshiba

Battery Voltage : 10.8V or 11.1V

Package : Yes

Cell Level : GRADE AAA Cell

Condition : 24 months warranty! certificated by CE&Rohs!

Inventory : New goods

warranty : 2 years