Electric Rebar Bender bending Pipe Hand Held 16mm (5/8 inch)

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Electric Rebar Bender bending Pipe Hand Held 16mm (5/8 inch)


Electric Rebar Bender bending Pipe Hand Held 16mm (5/8 inch)



This brand new Rebar Steel Bender can be applied to railway viaduct, dock highway Bridges,building electric power building, etc. The rebar bender is with adjustable positioning bolt, so it can be set to accurately bend any angle 0°-130° preset angle for repeating the same angle bend. With On-off valve, it can repeat bending the rebar to the same angle.


Wattage 800W
Bending Angle 0-130 Degree
Bening Speed 5S


110V / 220V

Max Rebar Diameter

16mm (5/8'')
Min Rebar Diameter 4mm

Max Rebar Hardness

Tensile Strength : 650N/mm2


Why Choose Our Machine ?

1. Portable : only 33 LB  2. Fast Speed : 5 seconds for bending  3. Adjustable Positioning Bolt  4. Stable Performance  5. With on-off valve  6. High bending accuracy and efficiency  7. Two (2) years warranty


How to Operate the Machine (See the video above clearly)

First Step :

Remove the outer packing, check the machine appearance is in good condition, if there is any breakage, please contact the service hotline  Second Step:

To inject hydraulic oil hydraulic pump station, winter suggest add 32 # anti-wear hydraulic oil, other season suggest add 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil, oil to fuel tank sides calibration shall prevail in the middle.  Third Step:

Connecting the bending machine and hydraulic pump station of two high pressure tubing, must be tight.  Forth Step:

Turn on the juice and start the motor, plate hydraulic pump station to valve, let the machine idle running back and forth, three out of the air inside machine.  Last Step:

Portable bar bending machine began to work, must build on the helmet board, may continue to operate.


Detailed Pictures

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Package Including:

1 X Rebar steel bender  1 X Wrench  2 X Spanners  1 X English manual  1 X Certificate

No special requirements, all parts will be packaged into one Carton Box.




Certification : ce

Raw Material : Steel Bar

Origin : CN(Origin)

Extra Services : Other

Power : electric

Material / Metal Processed : Carbon Steel

Automation : manual

Machine Type : Press Brake

Model Number : RC-16STWQJ0000001V1

name : Rebar steel Bender

keywords : Rebar Bender